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Two ‘Pop Cantatas’, Performed by Launceston Youth Theatre


Two ‘Pop Cantatas’, performed by Launceston Youth Theatre

Date:                 Sunday 4th June

Time:                5.00pm (duration around 1 hour?)

Venue:             Launceston Town Hall (no. 3 on the Festival venues map )

Ticket price: £5.00

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Launceston Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS) is 160 years old and Charles Causley was an active member in the ‘30s.

Sweeney Todd and The Jonahman Jazz are ‘pop cantatas’, a medium popular in the ‘70s and are presented by Launceston Youth Theatre, part of LADS (Launceston amateur Dramatic Society). This production is designed to be taken on the road – and probably, by this performance date, they will have tried them out at a local community hall.

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