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‘Talking Town’: Causley’s poetry about Launceston

A talk by Rosemary Walters

Charles Causley’s poems which are set in the context of the town of Launceston evoke a unique atmosphere only possible from the intimate knowledge of lifelong residence. In his various collections Causley foregrounds streets, buildings and locations in Launceston to articulate this sense of place. But the poems also blend history, imagination and experience to express his recurrent themes of survivor’s guilt, loss of innocence and the significance of the Christian narrative. Alongside these more serious themes are those poems which reflect his sense of fun and affectionate humour.

rosemary Walters was born and grew up in Launceston, attending Windmill County Primary School. Her parents grew up in the Launceston of the 20s and 30s alongside Charles Causley, and they remained lifelong friends of the poet. In retirement teaching and lecturing in Canterbury where she now lives, Rosemary completed a research MA on Causley’s poetry: On the Border. She is now a Ph. D. student. focusing on Causley’s poetry and the concept of a common culture.

Date: Saturday 2 June

Time: 1:30 – 2:30pm

Venue: Launceston Town Hall (Guildhall), Western Road

Cost: £5.00

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