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Festival Programme, 2017: shown by month, day and time


The Charles Causley Centenary Festival’s programme for June 2017 is taking shape!

In addition to the headline attraction event at the start of the main Festival weekend of 1st-5th June (The Fisherman’s Friends), you’ll see a list below, showing all the events that we currently expect to feature, this year — arranged by month, day and time.

Click on each event, to go to an individual page containing more information — and a further link to book tickets for that particular event. A map of venues in the town centre can be seen if you click HERE .

(Alternatively, a list showing the events arranged by broad category, plus general information about booking tickets, can be seen by clicking HERE.)

March 2017

Tuesday 21st March

7.00pm: A celebration of Charles Causley, at Waterstone’s bookshop, Truro — a celebratory evening of poetry and music


Friday, 24th March

7.00 pm: Wine and Wisdom Quiz Evening



April 2017




May 2017

Sunday, 14th May

2.30pm: ‘Cornish Art at Home’ : a private viewing (open house and garden event), with David Tovey (with a linked talk  by him, on Sunday 4th June)


Sunday, 21st May

2.00pm: Penheale open garden event




June 2017 (the main Festival weekend, and the following week)

Throughout the weekend (i.e., Thursday 1st – Monday 5th June): a wide range of free open exhibitions and other events — see the dedicated separate web-page for these, by clicking HERE .

Thursday, 1st June

10.00am: ‘The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond’: a guided walk, with Jane Nancarrow

4.00pm: ‘The Cornish Gorsedh’ : a talk by Liz Carne, Deputy Grand Bard

5.00pm: ‘Q — the Journey to Castle Dor’: a talk by Polly Gregson

6.00pm: ‘Popular Poetry and Other Assorted Witty Ditties’, with Val Bugden Cawsey: a reading and talk

8.00pm: The Fisherman’s Friends: a concert

8.00pm: ‘Duende’ : — settings of poetry by Lorca, Neruda, Dylan Thomas and others, composed and performed by Keith James


Friday, 2nd June:

10.00am: ‘The Newport and its Surrounding Area’: a guided walk, with Arthur Wills

11.00am: Laurence Green & Armand Goulipian: ‘Causley in Focus — a pair of separate but linked talks

12 noon: Luke Thompson: ‘Footsteps’ — a talk about his father, E. V. Thompson

1.00pm: Victoria Field: a workshop [see 6.00pm, also]2.00pm: ‘The ‘Cornwall 365’ project ‘:  a talk by the Project’s Director, Fiona Wotton — linked to an exhibition  of the same title [see below]3.00pm: John Lawrence (illustrator, Causley’s ‘Collected Poems for Children’)/Gaby Morgan (editor, Macmillan Children’s Books): ‘paired’ talks, dialogue and Q&A sessions  [n.b.:  this is a 90-minute session in total, in 3 parts]4.00pm: [see above]5.00pm: ‘Belonging and Estrangement in the Poetry of Philip Larkin, R.S. Thomas and Charles Causley’: a talk by Rory Waterman

6.00pm: Victoria Field: reading [see 1.00pm, also]7.00pm: FLIC: ‘Tin’ (a film, by Miracle Theatre)

8.00pm: ‘Riff-Raff and a Rickenbacker’ : songs and more, from Jeff Cloves and Tony Poole


Saturday, 3rd June:

All day: Festival Food and Drink Market, with entertainment : ‘The Best of Cornwall!’

10.00am: ‘Launceston in Causley’s poetry’: a guided walk, with Jane Nancarrow

11.00am: Philip Gross: a reading, for children [see 2.00pm, also]12 noon: Murray Lachlan Young: a workshop and reading, for children [see 7.30pm, also]1.00pm: Rob Barratt

2.00pm: Philip Gross: a reading, for adults [see 11.00am, also]3.00pm: Simon Parker

4.00pm: Mac Dunlop and Andrew Felton, ‘Writers-in-Residence’ : a talk and reading

5.00pm: Cahal Dallat and Anne-Marie Fyfe: music, poetry reading and talk

6.00pm: ‘The Templars, and More’: a talk by Michael Jecks

7.30pm: Murray Lachlan Young: an evening of poetry performance, for adults [see 12 noon, also]


Sunday, 4th June:

10.00am: ‘The Causley Way’: a guided walk around Launceston’s trail for the poet, with Rob Tremain (and a few pop-up surprise guests)

11.00am: Rehearsed readings of four short plays by Charles Causley, presented by Launceston Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS):

12.00 noon: Rick & Anna at Cyprus Well  — words from Anna-Maria Murphy, and music from by Rick Williams (including his own settings of Causley poems) at Charles’ former home

2.00pm: Little Trebiggan: a performance [see 4.00pm, also]2.00pm (also): ‘Charles Causley: the Man and His Books’ : a talk on the writer’s history of publications, by Barry Newport

3.00pm: ‘Vagabond Verses: the Poetry of Crosbie Garstin’ — a talk by David Tovey [see also the open house and garden Cornish art event on Sunday 14th May at 2.30pm]4.00pm: ‘Little Trebiggan’: a workshop [see 2.00pm, also]5.00pm: LADS (Launceston Amateur Dramatic Society): pop cantatas

7.00pm: Jim Causley in concert : an evening of songs (including settings of some Charles Causley poems for children)


Monday, 5th June:

2.30pm: Access Theatre : a performance about Launceston and its history, inspired by Causley’s poems and their ‘I Am the Song’ project


Tuesday, 6th June:

3.00pm: ‘Mongolica’ : an open-air performance of Mongolian music and dance by The English School of Mongolia

7.00pm: Tchaikovsky’s ‘Hector McDonald’ : a modern-day adaptation of the Tchaikovsky opera in English, performed by The English School of Mongolia


Wednesday, 7th June:

6.30pm: ‘Story Spectacles’ : a drama and creative writing performance, devised by pupils from three local primary schools, and based on poems by Charles Causley


Saturday, 10th June:

1.00pm: George Alagiah: a talk about his career as a journalist and news presenter



Summer 2017 (i.e., after the main Festival weekend, in June)

XXXday, XXth July




XXXday, XXst August:



Disclaimer: The Festival Committee will make every effort to ensure that performances take place as advertised, but reserve the right to alter the programme if necessary. In the event of an event cancellation, a refund of the ticket value will be made, otherwise tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded once purchased.