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‘Charles Causley, Troubadour’: a multimedia celebration in London, on 30th October

A joint Charles Causley Trust and Coffee House Poetry event is scheduled for the Troubadour Club on Monday 30th October 2017 at 8.00pm. Present for an evening of Causley poems — read and set to music, discussed and celebrated — will be John Mole, Alyson Hallett, Rory Waterman, Cahal Dallat, Bernadette Reed and Jim Causley.

The evening is described as a 100th-birthday bash for Charles Causley (1917-2003), one of the century’s most popular poets — whose modern ballads, subversive wit, and odes to everyday experience captured the imagination in a way few poets have done. Join our guests as the read Charles’s poems and their own, discuss and perform new musical settings of his work (part 1), and talk about his imagination, influence and legacy (part 2).

To book tickets in advance via Paypal, go to the Coffee House Poetry website  , or send a cheque to ‘Coffee House Poetry’, P.O. Box 16210, London W4 1ZP.