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A first leaf from the 2017 (Centenary) Causley Festival’s official photo/video album

Your first sight of our official Charles Causley Festival 2017 photograph gallery — all taken by members of Launceston Camera Club (PLUS, a video of a Mongolian song and dance show in the Square!)

Here’s an initial dozen out of the many, many photos taken around the town and events during the 2017 (Centenary) Charles Causley Festival, by the official Festival photographers, who are all Launceston Camera Club members. They’re just a first small selection, in no particular order, to whet your appetite.

You can also see Malcolm Wright’s video of the English School of Mongolia’s short performance of traditional and modern music and dance from Mongolia, given in the Square on Wednesday 7th June, if you click HERE .

Many more such photos will appear soon, accompanied by captions and arranged by dates. And although the ones presented here are small and can’t be downloaded, they and the others we publish later will appear in a way that should allow you to enlarge them and/or download them, if you wish.

So, do by all means “watch this space”!

[The official 2017 Festival photographers’ team, from Launceston Camera Club : Val Carpenter, Robert de Glanville, Roger Lane, Hilary Phillips, Mike Stickney and Alan Vanier]


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